What life is, it is illusory

Discussion on way to help the situation in Haiti

What life is, it is illusory

Postby ylq » Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:55 am

What life is, it is illusory Cheap Cigarettes, unpredictable; but it often comes to people's eyes, giving people joy and sorrow! How will you notice when life passes by you? Looking for us always wants to control our own destiny. In the end, I don��t know that my life is in the hands of nature. What a sadness, everything in the world is born in nature, this is a homologous, and why is there a distinction between high and low? How do you live together and die? Who can tell the truth about right and wrong in the world? Just like life, things are right or wrong, only because people's subjective ideas are imposed on them, so that the world has the right and wrong. Life is born from the sky Marlboro Lights, too much pursuit of length, is against the sky! Like the Qin Emperor Han Wu, the gangsters lived for a long time, but they were fooled by the sky because they wanted to go against the sky! Tang Shizong Li Shimin returned to nature too early. If you want to be against the sky, you will be swallowed up by nature. It is also against the sky, and it is natural and unacceptable Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The deeper you fall, the more you lose, the more life is part of the laws of nature, and the rules should be followed, not the opposite! The rule is different from the rule. The rule is formulated by people with subjective consciousness. It is unfair and is modified. The law is objective. It is more fair than the rule and cannot be violated. What a ridiculous thing is the intention to violate the law! Sad people also believe that the development of science and technology can give people a happy life Newport Cigarettes, but the development of science and technology will only accelerate the demise of all things. Because technology touches the laws of nature, it is not allowed by nature. Development will only bring greater desires, people's minds will change, and human nature will remain unchanged. Humanity is full of desires and selfishness. Only by seeing the red dust and jumping out of the world, can we abandon the ugly side of human nature and be quiet and inaction. Some people can also hold their hearts and reject their desires because of their responsibilities. But only if it is truly not into the world Marlboro Red, will it not be disturbed by the secular, life should be so refusing to ask for merit, just ask for nothing! This is life!
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