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As darkness falls over the skies of Arabia, innocence is shattered when children lie next to their deceased parents. Life for them is wandering the streets--dodging the bullets as they pick food out of the garbage. They would beg if possible but in their country all are beggars.

Exactly one year ago of the lunar calendar a similar message was sent to people exploiting the atrocities of that year and of that month of Ramadhan. That year, the men were slaughtered like animals and women placed in camps but this year instead of the situation getting better it worsened, infants were killed, their hands and feet amputated and their tender, limp, bodies left out in the desert. I want you to feel their pain, their sensitive skin on the hot desert sand, unable to walk or crawl because they have no feet nor hands, unable to speak because their tongues are too dry, feel what they felt. And no this isn't Bosnia or Kosovo the perpetrators are 'Muslims' who did all this in the name of Islam.

Since when did Islam make it obligatory to slaughter men, women, and children for mere differences in ijtehad. We talk so much about United States being the oppressor, which it is, but are we that weak in faith that a secular nation can control our fate let alone our faith? Why do we lack tolerance and unity? Where is our once known harmony amongst ourselves? The question that evolves from this is are we are not who we believe to be?

Ironically, there are amongst you people who support the perpetrators, the oppressors, which makes me wonder have we lost our Deen? Then there are those amongst us who even say rising against the oppressor is not the Sunnah of the Prophet. I beg to differ.

How can we avoid thousands upon thousands of killings of our own people, by our own people? Are we that weak of a nation (Ummah) that we cannot speak against the these corrupt governments? Do we like to see eight years old girls raising their younger brothers? Or would we rather close our eyes to the events that may hurt us?

If you have noticed most of this message contains questions to you, the reader. I feel, it is time we thought for ourselves rather than being told. Do you want to live a life wearing a blindfold that blocks all of this? Or would you rather be the one who feeds the child who is shivering in the rain, perched against an unexploded missile? It makes you wonder what these children think about. Do the images of their slain family keep repeating in their mind or do they think of the joyous occassions they had with their families?

Come with me, to a journey, a journey to the unseen. This is a story of a four year old girl named Sakina who has seen things that many people will never see in their lives. She has seen her uncle being slaughtered like an animal. She saw him being faced towards the Kaba'a and his throat being slit and the echoing sound of 'Allahu-Akbar' by the killer rang in her ears for days. She saw her six month year old baby brother being raised up high into the sky and then slammed down on his tiny head crushing his skull. It's not over yet, her father who she loved so dearly, who loved her just as much, was killed instantaneously when he spoke against the oppressors. He was shot in back of the head execution style--what Sakina saw is too graphic to be told in this message. All her cousins, her uncles, everyone she loved were killed and stuffed in a crate. And when the crate would not close the oppressor severed the part of the body that obstructed the crate from closing. Sakina saw all this with her very own eyes, she had no choice, she was forced to watch it. Her life was over, seeing her mother raped and then killed was the last straw for her. Sakina's last words were, "Papa, I'm coming to see you." Sakina passed away at the age five, she had seen too much to bare anymore. May she rest in peace.

Atrocities like this are happening every day and little girls, like Sakina, are falling victim to them. After hearing eyewitness accounts of the oppression that is going on in the world, there was a need for a medium that would, for a lack of words, broadcast these events and the feelings of the oppressed.

I am thankful for people like Hina that took the initiative to help start such a medium and thinking twice for her was not even an issue. I honestly believe without her help there would be no Oppression.org. Thank you.

We need your help. Running something like Oppression.org is not possible for just two people, there so much that is going on in the world that we fear that we might miss something. So, we ask you to please help Oppression.org succeed in it's goals.

And as a final request please pray for those innocent people that were killed during the month of Ramadhan and may the grievances of their families they left behind be lifted because for them there is no Eid this year.

Innaa Lilaahi wa Innaaa Ilayhi Raajioon
"Verily we are God's and verily unto Him shall we return" - Quran 2:156

S. "Ali"

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